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Summer Refreshers

Ever since I invested in a Soda Stream, I've been enjoying the luxury of sparkling water at home. I've experimented with making syrups, such as elderberry, and apple cider vinegar - with some success. In exploring coffee houses around town, I've gotten some inspiration, and am excited to share these energizing, digestive summer sparklers with you! 1) Espresso and Tonic at Black Ring Coffee

They use their own incredible espresso roast, house made syrup, and straight up tonic water for this bold yet balanced beverage. If you're more of a tea lover, try their infused sparkling black tea, or whatever the tea of the week is! 2) Vinegar drinks at Commodity Coffee

They typically have two different fruit flavor infused apple cider vinegar flavors, mixed with a fresh bottle of Topo Chico, one of my favorite mineral waters. 3) Mother Infused ACV at Viento Y Agua

​While this isn't house-made, it's a great So-Cal brand, and the 2-3 flavors they typically carry are on point, with just the right amount of vinegar. 4) Jasmine Peony Kombucha from Fine Feathers

You can find their Kombucha all over town - it's smooth, balanced, and very drinkable! It's actually a great drink substitute at 4th St Vine, if you find yourself at the wine bar hoping to get a lil kombucha buzz. You can also pick up bottles at their location on Long Beach Blvd during business hours. (This photo was taken at a special event for Under The Sun). 5) Cold Brewed Teas at Wide Eyes Open Palms

These good folks are known for working all sorts of herbal wonders with a rotating menu of refreshing drinks. While I've long gone for their Dreamcatcher (a lightly sweetened hibiscus tea), they're always doing amazing cold brewed teas that can be sparkled, or not. I've also heard the Wildflower Honey Sparkling Latte is to die for; it's next up on my list! This great shop is also never lacking in inspiration, from spirit animal cards, to running into great people, and getting an synchronistic life advice via your order placeholder.

6) Coffee Cola at Rose Park Roasters

When I first ordered this new offering, the barista offered to let me try it first. They don't seem confident that it's delicious off the bat, rather more of an acquired taste. But when I saw they were making their own cola with lavender syrup, and mixing it with their fantastic cold brew coffee, I couldn't say no to the whole shabang. It's almost got a bit of a root beer flavor, but truly it is a unique taste that's hard to describe, and the last thing I drank before writing this post - so, energizing, no doubt!

With so many great coffee shops in town, I know I must be missing some great refreshers - so please feel free to comment and share your favorites! Till next time!

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