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Don't Sleep ~ DANKE at Que Sera

In this first post of my "don't sleep" series, which will cover all things Long Beach, I wish to introduce you to DANKE - an electronic singer-songwriter that's turning some ears in the local music scene. Self-described as "experimental electro-pop," DANKE (Shane Allen) makes electronic music that's composed then played through Ableton Live and a midi controller, coupled with a unique vocal style that's at once introspective and self-assured.

Perhaps that's what makes her music so effective; her stage presence is somewhat alien, but she raises often conflicting but universal feelings of compassion and selfishness, connection and alienation, and urges to ride out the change and chaos of life as our identities work themselves out in relationship and reflection. Oh, and it's all quite danceable, too, which helps ease you into these difficult spaces of the mind. On Thursday, DANKE is playing at The Que Sera with Alpha Pup's MAST, Austin Tx's LIGHTWORKS, and GRN+GLD resident spell-casters, Dirty Merlin and Evan Geesman. All for $3 with a cash bar, mind you, and some really fun merch that often ranges from zines and enamel pins to vinyl.

To hear DANKE playing with such a fitting lineup of electronic artists who make progressive, intelligent music in Long Beach is a rare thing, so don't sleep on this one!

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