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3 Must-Hear Long Beach Music Releases

Hey y'all, I'm back to give you a heads up on three new releases in Long Beach music!

1) King Kang - Summer of Fire EP

Photo by Abbey B (@abb_stractt)

photo by Abbey B @abb_stractt You can truly feel the energy of their live shows captured in the studio, and if you were lucky enough to attend their launch show, you know what I mean! I must also note that I have a new favorite band - show openers Doctors and Engineers, they're killin the psychedelic south-Asian garage rock vibe!

2) Nothing But Flowers - No Hard Feelings EP

Heather brings a finely tuned, Americana vocal style with nuanced lyrics, and the band brings nice progressions and funky levels to each song - blending borders of pop / indie / soul seamlessly. Plus, it's a thoughtful breakup album - who doesn't need that? This album is one that Long Beach should be proud of! 3) Repeated Measures - Dark Matters

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