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LB Music Takes | Feb 25-27

My sporadic / occasional weekly picks are back for LB music and events!

Here they are, in order of personal priority (since, you know, who can go to everything that they want to?)

1) El Tran Fantasma live score at MOLAA, Sat 2/25

I had to edit this post and re-evaluate my priorities when I heard about this one!

El Tren Fantasma, a 1927 silent film from director Gabriel García Moreno, is going to be live scored by pianist Michael D Mortilla, an acclaimed film and television composer and orchestra conductor. Nuff said! Oh, and there's super special artisan dessert tamales by Crafted By Moonlight for sale. It's $25, and tickets are going fast. 2) Ian Ewing on Monday 2/27 at The Que Sera.

I'll let Ian's music speak for itself in this case, but let's just say - it's ultimate vibe! I'm excited to have this Rootnote Collective member stopping by the LBC on his tour, and with long time collaborator Strehlow alongside!

3) Of Limbo at The Prospector on Saturday 2/25

I saw Of Limbo something like four years ago, and forgot about them. I more recently saw them at a house show, and quickly remembered. These guys fucking rock! Each band member has their own compelling stage presence, and it's probably because they've become such seasoned musicians with a meaningful yet approachable message. And while I'm sort of clueless about the other bands, I love that they articulate the vision of the show on Facebook as follows:

...embark on a journey of self discovery together. The evening will be a deep study into carnal sexual expression. We want @theprospectorlbc to be a safe place for you to feel truly free to share with us. No judgements. No words. Just emotions...

4) Find some Mardi Gras goodness on Saturday, too!

There's a number of events going down in Long Beach to celebrate Mardi Gras. While the Shoreline / Aquarium parade is always a blast, I'm also interested in The Social List's event afterwards, which is an AIDS Life Cycle fundraiser - they'll have all the traditional drinks of Mardi Gras, live jazz, and good company with The Flirty Dozen and local councilwoman Jeannine Pearce. Here's to hoping it gets at least a little rambunctious on Saturday!

Well, that's all I've got for shows right now! I'm sure as always, I'm missing one or two great things that I'd enjoy sharing with y'all, but for now, here's a little recently released ear candy from Menchie Caliboso, aka middlenameruth.

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