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6 Songs for Surviving Inauguration Day

Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders - Image borrowed from HuffPost

I, like many of you, will need more than this heartening image of my favorite emcee and politician arm-in-arm in order to stay sane and motivated to be positive tomorrow. Thus, I wanted to share a few inauguration-day rebel bumps that anyone with a pulse and some passion can appreciate.

Impeach the President - The Honey Drippers This joker's violating the constitution on day one. We gotta.

Atomic Bomb - William Onyeabor vs Hot Chip Onyeabor, an ever mysterious Nigerian producer of what you might call afro-synth-funk music, passed away this week. This revamp by Hot Chip really captures something in the air right now.

Blood on Me - Sampha I'm just loving all the ambiguous emotion bubbling up in this song. And the fact that he's being chased by unknown forces. I wonder if Drumpf feels that way, at all? Likely not. But one can hope.

The Party's Over - Prophets of Rage

Chuck D, Rage against the Machine members, and B-Real from Cypress Hill have been releasing music under this moniker. If I had the foresight, I would be at their anti-inauguration ball tomorrow night, thrashing to them and Audioslave, believe you me. But it sold out fast!

Everybody Stay Calm - Run The Jewels

This Run The Jewels joint off their new album (RTJIII) has got to be our last stop in the dystopian nightmare. We gotta get to work now. Let's build!

Have Some Love - Childish Gambino Let's end on a positive note, shall we? In the midst of so much bigotry and privilege, the best we can do is love one another and stand together against the soul-robbing forces of greed personified. Amiright?

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